Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Youngstrr Joey - Grilled Whiig

Our first listen to Youngstrr Joey was his track on the Scottish indie compilation David Cameron's Eton Mess (our feature here), and we understand that he played on several of the other tracks as well (including as a member of Breakfast Muff).  The Glasgow musician previous released a couple of EPs which are available for 'name your price', but he now has a proper album to his credit -- Grilled Whiig, which is out now via Edinburgh label Song By Toad Records.  Youngstrr Joey's music is lo-fi, sparsely adorned bedroom guitar pop.  The sweet spot here is late-night bedroom experimentation, unusual guitar tunings, and a glimpse into the sleep-deprived corners of Cal's mind.  In addition to the two tracks below, you can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link below.  Additional highlights for me are "Posture" and "Yr Hallway".

Grilled Whiig is available on cassette from the label, digital from Bandcamp and the usual digital outlets.

Bandcamp for Grilled Wiig
Bandcamp for previous releases

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