Friday, January 29, 2016

Halfsour - Tuesday Night Live

Tuesday Night Live tickles my inner music lover like few albums debut albums.  It jangles, buzzes and snarls.  It discusses the confusions, frustrations and anxieties of young adults, but does it with a casual delivery that underscores the implicit understanding that it likely will all work out, but if it doesn't the worries will be different tomorrow anyway.  It doesn't hide its ragged edges, but doesn't display false pride in them either.  The creators, Boston's Halfsour, are DIY realists in the finest tradition of Guided By Voices, the band whose lyric provided the name for this blog.  And that makes sense when you learn that the band's beginnings were as a GBV cover band.  But this trio carves their own path, gravitating to concise, punk-inflected garage pop tunes with sardonic delivery and blasts of energy.  A younger, slacker GBV?  A Beat Happening on speed?  You decide.  Check out the streams below and take the whole album out of the garage for a test drive below.  I expect you'll like it.  For my money, it is a prime example of why this blog avoids major label releases and looks for indie gems.

 Tuesday Night Live is out today on Jigsaw Records in digital, vinyl and CD formats.  See the links below for your choice.  Baltimore label Nebraskan Coast offers the album on cassette.  And yes, I know that this is successive days for a Jigsaw release.  But the label tends to batch its releases and Animal Daydream and Halfsour have both earned contemporaneous recognition for their art.

Halfsour are Zoe, Ina and Matt.

Jigsaw Records page for LP and CD
Bandcamp page for Tuesday Night Live (digital/LP/CD)
Bandcamp for prior releases

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