Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lame Drivers - Chosen Era

One usually complains about Lame Drivers.  But Jeff Wood, Joe Posner, and Jason Sigal have the power, or powerpop, to change your mind.  Yes indeed, this Brooklyn band delivers powerpop with some punk attitude, psychedelic touches, and garage rock riffs filtered through '90s alt rock tossed in just because they can.  The result on their recent album for Jigsaw Records, Chosen Era, is anything but lame, but probably would be a good soundtrack for driving.  The guitars crackle with attitude while the drums and bass thunder with purpose.  This is one of those records that you simultaneously hear with your ears and feel in your torso.  And while the dominant vibe is energetic fun, the band hits the spot with moody numbers as well, as evidenced by "Slow Detective" below.

Check out a few songs below, or go to the Bandcamp link and take a test drive with the Lame Drivers.  You may just fine yourself choosing Chosen Era.

Bandcamp for Chosen Era

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