Friday, January 22, 2016

"Hitchhiker" / "Wheels On The Run" by PURSES

I shouldn't shock any fan of indie rock that there is a new and exciting band from the south.  Their name is PURSES, and the members are from notable projects such as The District Attorneys, Modern Skirts, Tedo Stone, Grand Vapids, Crooked Fingers, and Blue Blood.  Obsess Much, the debut album, will be available in a few months, but you can test the goods via "Hitchhiker" and "Wheels On The Run".  Our ears say it is southern rock with touches of twin guitar California guitar pop and Midwest garage rock.  But whatever it is, it is good.



Dr.Brownstein said...

End of year list? Could the tingling in my loins be a sign of the delectable lists imminent arrival, or should I advise mummy to put my best slacks back in the dresser drawer? There will be no dancing in this old town tonight...

Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

I'm working on a list. Perhaps it will be ready by the end of next weekend.