Thursday, January 28, 2016

Animal Daydream - Citrus EP 7"

About a year ago we featured the Easy Pleasures EP, the debut recording by Gothenburg, Sweden guitar pop duo Animal Daydream (link).  Our only complaint was that at four songs, we were left wanting more.  A year later, Daniel Fridlund Brandt and Alexander Wahl have sought to resolve our concerns with the Citrus EP, four more tracks of the kind of music that never goes out of style in my house.  What Animal Daydream does so well is absorb classic influences such as west coast jangle pop, Glasgow power pop, and '70s soft rock and then reinterpret it in their own style.

The title track is a glorious tune that could be a jam between the Byrds and Fleetwood Mac.  "Sun (turn around)" would do Teenage Fanclub proud.  There is a Fleet Foxes vibe to "All That You Can Give".   The closer, "In My Room", wraps it up with a uptempo dream pop tune.  Overall, there is so much sunshine in the melodies and harmonies that I'm tempted to wear sunglasses when I play this record.

Citrus EP is out tomorrow, January 29, via Jigsaw Records as a digital download or on vinyl.  See the Bandcamp links below.  I expect that digital retailers are an option as well.

Jigsaw Records page for Citrus EP
Bandcamp for Citrus EP

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