Friday, October 9, 2015

Various Artists - David Cameron's Eton Mess

David Cameron's Eton Mess is my Friday delight.  No, I don't take any pleasure in the mistakes, deliberate and accidental, inflicted on the UK by Cameron and his cohorts.  I'm speaking about this absolutely delightful collection of emerging Scottish guitar bands complied by Matthew Young of Song By Toad Records.  The bands are young, many are friends, and some share musicians with other bands (such as Alansmithee and Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas).  There is dream pop, punk, surfy noise pop, alt rock, fuzz, dreamslop, slacker pop and just about anything else you could want.  And you have to regard it as a snapshot in time.  Some of these bands will still be going and growing in a year, and some won't.  But this is a moment in the indie sun for them, and you should take advantage of it.  Oh, I should mention that there is no overriding political theme here.  It seems the title of the release was just a convenient way to take a shot at Cameron, Eton and the mess.  And to provide a pithy title.  Nothing wrong with any of that from our perspective.

You can stream the entire compilation at the Bandcamp link below, and I encourage you to do so.  Towards the bottom of the Bandcamp page there are links to the featured bands, so you can explore more deeply those that interest you.  However, for those in a hurry, I've embedded a few gems below.

Lush Purr --

Breakfast Muff --

Passion Pusher --

Froth --

Dearness --

Bandcamp for album
Song By Toad blog
Twitter for Song By Toad