Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crayon Fields - No One Deserves You

Once upon a time Melbourne boasted a fine, very young indie pop band called The Crayon Fields.  Formed in high school and self-educated in the art of lo-fi psychedelic shaded dream pop, they earned a faithful following and released some fine records.  The band then went silent for a while one of their number, Geoff O'Connor, embarked on a solo project more focused on synth pop.  Now, in the latter half of 2015, the foursome's paths have converged again and the rejuvenated band has released No One Deserves You.  Its ten tracks combine the dream pop and '80s influenced synth pop into a wonderful blend that is as pleasing to the ear as anything I've heard this year.  The sound is smooth and infused with romantic yearning.  The harmonies soar and the hooks tug at your emotions.

For me, the best songs are opener "Slow Magic", the two previously released songs, "She's My Hero" and the soaring "Love Won't Save You" (back in the '80s when MTV played music, a video for this one would have been in frequent rotation), "Night Moves", and the retro "So Do I" -- my goodness, I love this song.  But there are no songs to skip, just favorites to repeat a few times.

This edition of The Crayon Fields is not the last decade's version.  But it isn't a lesser version.  More mature, more assured, but still optimistic and unjaded, and with a keen knack for crafting a song.  This version of The Crayon Fields will do just fine indeed.

The Crayon Fields is Geoffrey O'Connor, Neil Erenstrom, Brett Hudson, and Chris Hung.  No One Deserves You is out now in CD, digital, and vinyl formats from Chapter Music (vinyl is delayed until late October, according to the label).

Chapter Music

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