Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trader Horne - Morning Way

Trader Horne was formed by Judy Dyble (vocals/electric autoharp/piano), formerly of Fairport Convention (in which she proceeded Sandy Dennis as the lead female vocalist) and other bands, and Jackie McAuley (vocals/guitar/keys/whatever is needed), former bandmate of Van Morrison in Them.  Straddling the space between traditional British folk and the rock infused folk of Judy's former group and the likes of Steeleye Span, the duo began in early '69 and was done in '70.  Their total output was a couple of singles and an album titled Morning Way.  Earth Records has rescued the album from obscurity, and reissued it this month.  Of course it is a snapshot in time; an artifact of acid folk that had a good following and a number of purveyors on both sides of the Atlantic.  But it also is an artifact worthy of reissue.  Judy and Jackie combine well vocally, and collaborate beautifully instrumentally.  The songs are richly textured and airy.  And the band's decision to link songs with gentle instrumentals sets it apart from the work of their peers to delightful effect.  Best listened to in a single setting rather than as individual songs, one can only be disappointed that the duo didn't continue to hone their sound together.

This edition of Morning Way has been remastered and is available on limited edition vinyl and unlimited CD.  Fans who have wanted this album but balked at the prices asked in second hand stores finally have their Christmas self-present sorted out.  But this isn't an album just for existing fans.  It is an album that evokes summer and early autumn days in sunny meadows, with a picnic basket, a good bottle of wine, and a favorite companion.

Earth Records' order page for vinyl, CD and digital

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