Saturday, October 3, 2015

Introducing: Goddam Nobody

Some days it is tougher to get some work done at WYMA World Headquarters.  Here is the discussion that occurred ten minutes ago between me and Ralph The Intern ("RTI").

Me: Good Morning Ralph.

RTI: Hi, Scott. What's going on this morning?

Me: I'm planning to write about an English band.

RTI: What's their name?

Me: They are Goddam Nobody …

RTI: Whoa - Scott! You need an attitude adjustment!  This band, whomever they are, may not have a big reputation, but they deserve our respect.  After all, you're the guy who wanted the blog to focus on lesser known and small or no label bands.

Me: Ralph, I think that you misunderstood me.  The band is Goddam Nobody …

RTI: Man, you really have it bad today.  I don't think you should tackle writing that feature until you get your head right.

Me: [sigh] Maybe you are right, Ralph.  It would be helpful if you went out and got us some coffee, rolls and a bottle of something to brighten up the coffee.  Take your time, enjoy the morning and charge it to the research budget.  And go to the shop in the city center.  Their pastries are better than the closer shops.

RTI: Sure thing, Boss!  And I'll be happy to help you with the feature about the English band when I get back.  Maybe you'll start by telling me their real name.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for.  That is the case with Ralph, the unpaid intern.  But sometimes, you get much more, as is the case with Goddam Nobody.  These guys craft songs with a '50s - '60s vibe and play them straight up, un-ironic.  Sometimes they put a dream pop sheen on it.  It all sounds great to my ears.    They have released three EPs which are available at the Bandcamp link below.  They are attractively offered at 'name your price', and I encourage you to give them something above zero for their trouble.  After all, we want to hear more from them.  I've played each EP several times over the past few days and now I'm updating it into my Sonos system.  My wife's life is going to be filled with Goddam Nobody.  She's lucky to have me.

The members of the band are Oli, Jonny, Dan, and Jamesy, and sometimes members Matt Cleave, Dan E. Brown and Joshy Gibbs.  They list their homes as London and Falmouth.

Take a taste of their new five-song No Lust For Life EP via "Hit The Ceiling".  A great sing-along melody, fun story and a '60s garage vibe.

And here is a slow-dance gem from their Cut And Paste To Waste EP.

Don't miss the title track from their No One Around EP, which may be the sweetest sounding three songs in their catalog.

I've go to press 'publish' here because Ralph is coming up the stairs and I need to find a project to distract him.

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