Friday, October 23, 2015

A Girl And A Gun

This is a fun Friday slice of off-kilter pop culture.  In honor of the upcoming Bond film (you've heard of him, I expect - 'Bond, James Bond') WIAIWYA has assembled 34 versions of various themes from the Bond films over the years.  Numerous artists contributed covers, and the variety is stunning.  Indie pop, blues, electro-pop, lounge, folk, new wave, punk and just about everything else in our "tag" library.  Each song receives several different treatments.

A Girl And A Gun is available at the Bandcamp link below for 'name your price'.  So you can get it free, but if you pay you will have access to the mobile Bandcamp app to play your favorite alternative Bond themes whenever and wherever you desire.  In addition to obtaining some fun versions of Bond songs, you likely will discover a few indie artists you would like to explore.

Bandcamp for album
WIAIWYA website

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