Monday, October 26, 2015

Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas - Delaydeez

What's on the menu today? Slop, that's what's on the menu.  But this is special slop - dreamslop all the way from Livingston, Scotland.  Yes, indeed, Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas have delivered Delaydeez, with three more lo-fi, reverbed gems of vaguely tropical dream pop.  Chill and relaxed, it is the perfect backdrop for your Monday.  Specifically, a way to pretend that your Monday still is Sunday, and this feeling of being at work is just an illusion.

The EP is available via Glasgow label Flowers In The Dustbin - see the Bandcamp link below.

Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas are Andrew Burns (vocals), Joe Murty (bass), Ru Macpherson (drums), and Joe White (guitar).

Bandcamp for the EP

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