Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Inside"/"So Bright" by Zone Out

Melbourne's Zone Out was a band, then it wasn't a band, and now is a band again.  Reformed by Ashley Bundang, of other projects Totally Mild, Sui Zhen, and Ciggie Witch, and Dove Bailey of the very noisey (and completely wonderful) Scotdrakula, they have released the "Inside"/"So Bright" single via Deaf Ambitions.  The digital is available now, and the vinyl is expected to be available next month.

You can stream "Inside" below.  Ashley's delicate and perfectly phrased vocals float over unassuming by richly detailed production.  I'd like to hear much more of this, so I was happy to learn that Deaf Ambitions will be releasing a full Zone Out LP in 2016.

Deaf Ambitions page for "Inside"/"So Bright"
Bandcamp for 2013 EP

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