Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shopping - Why Choose

Throbbing post punk with spiky, angular guitars, stuttering rhythms and talk/sing call-and-response vocals -- are you in?  You should be.  East London's Shopping is one of the unsung gems of the London scene, and their excellent new album, Why Choose, is well constructed and eminently danceable (check out "Straight Lines" below).  With the bass leading the way on many tracks, this album has a deep grove to match its edgy, twitchy vibe.  Fans of The Au Pairs, Gang of Four, and The Slits may take to this sound most readily, but frankly I can't see anyone who likes danceable rock not loving this album.  I liked their 2013 album Consumer Complaints, but Why Choose seems to me to be a big step forward -- more polished, but not glossy, and with better developed song structures.  Most importantly, it retains and improves the band's ability to deliver incredibly taut songs, bristling with energy and urgency and packed with hooks.

Shopping are Rachel Aggs, Billy Easter, and Andrew Milk.  Why Choose is out now via FatCat Records.  The band currently is touring North America. Check out their Facebook page for dates and locations.

FatCat Records

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