Monday, May 16, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland-Part 14: Aerials Up; Cancel the Astronauts

In this edition, we are featuring two of the several unsigned bands selected to play the T in the Park festival this summer.

Aerials Up plays orchestral indie pop. They may remind you of the good parts of Arcade Fire, but with more hooks and less superfluous drama. The bands debut EP, Superglue, is available at their website.

Here is the trailer for Superglue, which gives you a good taste of their music:

Aerials Up - Superglue (promo) from Aerials Up on Vimeo.

Aerials Up members are listed as Kemy (lead vocals/guitar), Debbie (vocals/guitar/glockenspiel), Murphy (bass), Neil (guitar/vocals), Chris (drums), Cat (violin/vocals), and Ruth (cello/vocals). The large number of talented players allows the band to produce intricate music and, when necessary, a very full sound.

"All Your Mothers Daughters", live:

"First in the Fire" from their 2010 T in the Park performance:


Edinburgh indie pop group Cancel the Astronauts has been a favorite of mine for a while. The members are Matt Riley, Kieran McCaffrey, Michael Craig, Neil Davidson, and Chris Kay.

"Funny for a Girl"

Cancel the Astronauts played their first gig in 2007, and they have released two EPs. They are promising an album later this year.

Stream the "Funny for a Girl" EP

And here is a deal that is too good to pass up -- Download their first EP for free here. The first song is particularly good, and funny. Darkly funny.



Jim Desmond said...

Rocksteady - When are going to sponsor the Sounds of Scotland US tour? You know, 6-8 bands a night, like those old Motown reviews or Rolling Thunder.
We can get McTarnahan's Ale to sponsor it.
This series of your is amazing.

Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

Good ideal, Jim. We can have a convoy of When You Motor Away Motor Away Coaches. Put a mobile recording studio in one of them and cut EPs on tour and the bands can sell them at the venues to pay for necessities, such as beer and, well, beer.