Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Bob Dylan!

My friend the great musician/writer/producer Joe Henry said this at his Facebook page: "Let us begin to celebrate the 70th birthday of the man who for some of us has been thomas jefferson, harriet tubman, james dean, federico fellini, and muhammad ali, all stitched upon a single frame. rave on, bob..."

I can't do justice to my hero Bob Dylan in a few words, so I'll just honor the day with two songs. First, one of him as a young man, a song that captured a pivotal moment in American history and galvanized a generation:

And also, my very favorite of his more recent work, a song that captures all the uncertainties of a middle aged man. The span of Bob's artistry and reach is literally a lifetime, many lifetimes actually, mine, his, and many who came well before and well after ours.

(can't embed this one for some reason):


I am posting a short bit on a soul song every Friday for the Soul Corner, a WYMA feature this year. For 2012, I'm leaning towards Bob Dylan Friday.

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