Monday, April 25, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland-Part 11: Zoey Van Goey

Zoey Van Goey is referred to as a Glasgow band, which makes sense as they are based in Glasgow and are signed to the respected Chemical Underground label founded by the members of The Delgados. The details are a bit more complicated as the founding members are non-Scots Mike Brennan (from Canada), Michael John McCarthy (from Ireland), and Kim Moore (from England), all of whom met at Glasgow University. Adam Scott added to the mix in 2010 (I don't know his country of origin).

Their first single was "Foxtrot Vandals" (2007)

The band's talent is evident by their music, and by the people they attract. "Foxtrot Vandals" was produced by Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch and released on Say Dirty Records (the label founded by the twins who anchor Glasgow band Wake the President). Their second single, and first LP The Cage Was Unlocked All Along, both were produced by Paul Savage, the former drummer for The Delgados. The style is adventuresome and eclectic. One reviewer referred to them as 'the Postal Service with a sense of humor', but I think that is too limiting. My view, which is rarely wrong, is that they are more like a combination of Yo La Tengo, the poppier stylings of The Delgados and The Magnetic Fields. And that alone should interest the discriminating reader. The second LP, Propeller Versus Wings, also produced by Savage, was released in February 2011.

"The Cake and Eating It", from the new album:

The songs on Propeller Versus Wings touch on a number of styles, but all seem to spring from that same artistic personality, a bit goofy, a bit nerdy, a bit adventuresome, and a penchant for entertaining.

"You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate", from the new album:

"My Aviator", from the new album:

My Aviator from Eoin .N. Devlin on Vimeo.

By way of background, "We Don't Have That Kind Of Bread" from the 2009 release The Cage Was Unlocked All Along

Artist's page at Chemikal Underground

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