Saturday, April 23, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-11: The Rayographs; Morning Favorites; Jamaican singles

The Rayographs are Astrud Steehouder (guitar & vocals); Jessamine Tierney (bass & vcoals) and Amy Hurst (drums & vocals). They play a their own take of bluesy psychedelia with more than a touch of garage. Their first LP, Rayographs, will be released next week.

"Space of the Halls"

By the way, the band seems to be somewhat indifferent to whether "The" appears before "Rayographs". But don't confuse this band with "Rayograph" (singular), as that is a different artist.

When a fairly new band draws comparisons to Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, The Pixies, and Throwing Muses, and their recorded work is likened to Nick Cave's Tupelo, I'd be crazy not to take notice. And so would you, dear reader.

Live performance, October 2009


Last year French group Morning Favorites released an album entitled The Five Red Flags. Here is the single "Every Single Day":


Members of the group are Remi Denis, Maxime Morredu, Romain Villard, and Jean Marc Wenger. The music is psychedelic pop. Check out "Closed Up in a Star" on the Myspace link below.

Myspace (with more songs)

And now for a modern reggae set from Jamaica. First, Shaggy, Mr. Vegas and Outlaw Josey Wales laud "Sweet Jamaica". The video was filmed in 14 parishes on the island.

Next is the sweet voiced Gyptian in "Nah Let Go".

(Baby) Cham, with Bounty Killer and Mykal Rose, in "Stronger".

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