Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Record Store Day, April 16! A look at Grimey's in Nashville...

Coming Saturday, April 16, Record Store Day. With too many promotions and limited issue items to list here (check the link for more comprehensive info)...

Well, I was gonna write a little profile of my favorite music store and the wonderful folks at Grimey's, but I can instead point you to this excellent interview posted by Wax Poetics magazine (which, by the way, I can't recommend highly enough for their excellent writing and research in the areas of funk, soul, reggae, dance and other pop music, as well as their promotion of vinyl and other physical forms of music).

Vinyl Fanatics Unite! RSD Elite Record Store #2: Grimey's

I do, however, want to say a few words in praise of Grimey's, which I've been fortunate enough to patronize since it was a little used music store in a house on Bransford Avenue around the corner from 100 Oaks and Baja Burrito. I met My Morning Jacket's Jim James there. As MMJ was delivering copies of its CD At Dawn to record stores, Grimey's founder Mike Grimes was kind enough to introduce me to MMJ's manager, who he observed was "another one of those GbV fanatics". I bought a copy of At Dawn, which was playing on the speakers and when Martini introduced me to Jim, I said "This is really, really good." Jim looked me in the eye and said "You should listen to it with headphones on."

My first exposure to the Black Keys was via former employee Mickey Parks, who not only played the CD Thickfreakness for me because he thought I'd enjoy it, but sold my daughter a vinyl copy of The Big Come-Up when she was looking for a birthday present for me. Seriously, could you ask for better service?

Speaking of GbV, it's great to have a fellow Pollard fanatic in town and stocking the shelves at a record store. Co-owner Doyle Davis is a tremendous local resource in so many ways: Funk DJ, impresario, artist manager...

If you live in Nashville or the surrounding area, likely you already know about Grimey's. If you don't, you're in for a treat. Otherwise, if you ever plan to visit Nashville, make sure you leave a little time to visit this shop. Great music, great folks and a great, great vibe.

Here are a few features folks have been inspired to write about Grimey's over the years:

Grit and Grimey (Nashville Scene, 1999)

Grimey's Record Shop Rejoices in High Fidelity Coolness (MTSU Sidelines, 2004)

At a Mainstream Record Store, Mainstream Country Fights for Shelf Space (NPR Music News, 2010) Local Store: Grimey's (2010)

Check the website for the Record Store Day schedule at Grimey's. Among other things, Jason Isbell will be playing there that day... and many of the 100's of special releases and treats planned by record companies to promote and support independent retailers like Grimey's will be available as well.

I think you can still get a copy of this EP. And if your timing is right, you might be there for the next ridiculously exclusive rock moment.

And if you're not in Nashville, check AIMS (Alliance of Independent Music Stores) or CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores) for a similar retailer near you. They're sure to be having some fun on Saturday, and great music all year round. Feel free to post a comment in support of your favorite record store, too.

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