Saturday, April 16, 2011

REVIEW: Midgetmen - Loud Enough

From Austin, Texas comes self-described "slop-punk" outfit The Midgetmen. Judging by the sound, the similarity to d boon's long-lamented outfit cannot be a coincidence... especially given that some of this album put me in mind of a British blues shouter (say, Ronnie Lane) fronting a "turn it up to 11" punk bar band. So, Ronnie Lane fronting the Minutemen. Got it?

First two songs are a declaration of purpose, to the pursuit of fun and beer. These guys are a bar band, and as my co-writer JD has said, more eloquently than me, there is nothing like a good bar band. "Beer's gone, we're gone..." how many bands have lived that out? These guys just put it in a song. "Unforgettable" is a thrash-it-out raver...

But it's on songs 3-6, "King Kong", "Glue Factory", "Race to the Bottom", and "Honus" that they really show their stuff. While different, these songs are all memorable and well-done. Some of the playing betrays an intent by the Midgetmen to "outgrow" the slop-punk label (at least to my ears)... but then, you're into "Sword Fight" and some splendid devolution.

You can check out some of their old stuff on their Bandcamp page:

Midgetmen on Bandcamp

And you can buy it on iTunes, or wait for the great unveiling/Titus Andronicus show on April 21 in Austin... I'd expect they'll be selling some there or you can order via their website:

Midgetmen Website (Buy Here)

And here's a videoj of them performing "The Rodeo Came to Town" from 2008 release Show Pony:

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