Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tony Jay - Perfect Worlds


Perfect Worlds by Tony Jay is an album that seeps into your pores and wafts into your brain like the incoming fog. We play it at home, in the car, and on walks as it steadily becomes the soundtrack of everyday life. And while the search for perfect worlds will always remain aspirational, this album is pretty high on the perfection scale for our tastes.  The music is made of delightful melodies, hushed and hazy vocals, and gorgeous guitar tones -- contrasts that fit together to splendid effect. The subjects of the song can be the mundane parts of life, including relationships, inevitable loneliness and even depression. But the point is less the story and more the perspective and atmosphere. This one is on our preliminary top ten albums of 2023 list and we highly recommend it.

Tony Jay is a San Francisco project headed by Michael Ramos. Ramos also is in Flowertown, Cindy, Sad Eyed Beatniks and Al Harper. He previously was a member of April Magazine. For this recording Tony Jay is Ramos, Kelsey Faber, Alexis Harper, and Cameron Baker, with guest vocalist Karina Gill of Cindy

Perfect Worlds is out now via Slumberland Records.


Bandcamp for Perfect Worlds

World Of Echo page for album

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