Thursday, September 14, 2023

Soft Science - Lines


One of the more satisfying albums we have heard this month is Lines. Its ten tracks consist of a swirling, shimmering, robust dream pop that seems to be constructed out of shoegaze. It is music in which the listener can, quite pleasantly, get lost. And some days that is just what we need. The album is the work of Soft Science, which is comprised of notable Northern California dream pop/shoegaze artists. They released three previous albums (we covered Highs and Lows in 2012 (link), but Lines is the first we have had the pleasure of writing up in over a decade. We most certainly will make a point of not missing number five.

Soft Science is Katie Haley (vocals), Ross Levine (guitar/synths/backing vocals), Matt Levine (guitar), Tony Cale (drums/percussion), Becky Cale (bass/backing vocals), and Hans Munz (electronics). Lines is out now via Shelflife Records (US), Spinout Nuggets (UK), and Fastcut Records (Japan).

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