Wednesday, September 20, 2023

"Last Words" / "Heat Beat Heads" by NO ZU


Got the midweek blahs? We have the solution. Melbourne beat/funk monsters NO ZU have briefly rescinded their break up by issuing a two song parting gift for fans new and old. The release consists of the appropriately-named "Last Words", which is their take on 23 Skidoo's 1981 song, and a remix of "Heat Beat Head" from their 2022 album re-worked by Grim Up North (which, in turn, consists of Norwegian Rune Lindbaek and Dan Tyler of Idjut Boys). Do all these cooks spoil the broth? Most certainly not! It is spicy and freaky, but oh so very nice.

If you like the dance-worthy beats NO ZU dishes up, we suggest you grab this release because we can't count on them rescinding the break up again (Certainly none of the many people that have broken up with us have ever rescinded, and we weren't too proud to beg). We are happy to report that various members of the band will carry on with Cong Josie, Split System, Sui Zhen, Cayn Borthwick's solo project, and probably others to come.

The single is out now via Chapter Music.

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