Tuesday, September 26, 2023

"Hit The Wall" by Seablite


How does a band interest fans in their upcoming album? PR firms, social media, bloggers and word of mouth among fans all can play a part. But probably the most effective tactic is releasing a few of the presumed 'killer' tracks from the album over the preceding months. And if that is the gold standard, Seablite's Lemon Lights is going to do well when it is released in three days. The golden goal of the pre-release campaign is this terrific video for album track "Hit The Wall", in all of its dream gazey, psychedelic pop glory.

Seablite is Lauren Matsui (vocals/guitar), Galine Tumasyan (vocals/bass), Jen Mundy (guitar) and Andy Pastalaniec (drums).




Mt.St.Mtn. page for pre-order of Lemon Lights

Bandcamp for Lemon Lights

Bandcamp for previous releases

Various relevant links for Seablite

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