Friday, September 8, 2023

The Radio Field - Don'ts and Dos


Dusseldorf's Lars Schmidt isn't always about the jangle, but when he does the jangle he does it very well indeed. His current project for that side of his musical talent is The Radio Field. After gaining our attention and approval demos and an EP in recent years, the band has released long-player Don'ts and Dos. The record is everything we could want -- melodies, jangle, and a good amount of crunch and fuzz. As one could expect with veteran musicians comfortable playing with each other, there is no hint of 'debut album' on Don'ts and Dos. Rather, its ten songs evince a band that has hit its stride and doing its best work. The result is a delight from start to finish.

In addition to Lars Schmidt, The Radio Field is Christoph Schneider, Philipp Breuer, and Mark Specht. Don'ts and Dos is out now via Lars' Less Records and Subjangle.





Bandcamp for album

Less Records page for album

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