Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Photocopies - Wrong Century


We won't pretend we are very familiar with Sean Turner's project The Photocopies. But having stumbled over Wrong Century, the new collection of songs, we suggest that it is a good place for you and us to start. Sean is a Londoner decamped to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and he obviously shares our fondness for '80s and '90s guitar pop. This record includes songs previously released on singles and EPs, plus some covers of worthy songs by other artists. A great listen!

You may be too late to get the CD from Discos de Kirlian, although it is worth trying. But digital copies certainly are available. See the links below.





Bandcamp for Wrong Century-digital-version

Bandcamp for Wrong Century (CD version)

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Douglas E. Heeren said...

Didn't release this was out. Wow!!