Monday, November 28, 2022

Model Shop - Love Interest


Whether the message of the songs on Love Interest are happy, sad, melancholy or joyous, nothing therein is too heavy to not euphorically rise to the skies on the glorious music created by Model Shop. The Seattle trio has earned their stripes over the year in various projects (including Math & Physics Club for Kevin and Ethan), but this current combination has the feel of the graduate thesis after years of work. Why? Well, the simple answer is that it clicks on all fronts and in all presented styles. The guitars are direct and bright and the choruses are simply superb.  Model Shop can do a slow burner and rock out, but they shine the brightest on the uptempo pop songs such as "Lucky", "Letters to Melissa", Compilation Tape", "I Was Told This Would Be Easy", and "The Greatest Only"

Model Shop are Kevin Emerson (vocals/drums), Jen Fox (bass), and Ethan Jones (vocals/guitar). Love Interest is out now in digital and vinyl formats via Madrid's Meritorio Records. However, vinyl will be shipped to US purchasers from Portland, Oregon, which will save shipping costs.



Bandcamp for Love Interest

Meritorio Records link for Love Interest

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