Saturday, November 12, 2022

Heavenly - Heavenly vs Satan


Well, well, well ... this is just heavenly. Literally, Heavenly.

If you are a long term indie pop fan, you certainly are familiar with the '90s UK band Heavenly. Even if you are a more recent fan you undoubtedly have read references to Heavenly in reviews or current indie pop bands because they are a gold standard. And with good reason. The band reflected innate talent plus maturation of the sound of Talulah Gosh, their former musical residence. Heavenly vs Satan was the first of their four albums, displaying nuance and dedication to pop sounds not previously dominant in their former work. It is an absolute delight and, to our ears, perfectly timeless.

Heavenly -- that is Amelia, Mathew, Peter, Cathy and Rob -- has decided to release all four of their albums in vinyl, and have begun with Heavenly vs Satan. The disc also includes the first two singles released by the band. The releases are available via Amelia and Rob's Skep Wax label and records stores. For online orders, see the Bandcamp link below.

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