Friday, May 22, 2015

Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas - Dreamslop EP

There is so much to like here -- the name, the sub-genre, and most of all, the songs.  The name is Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas, hailing from that well known tropical hot spot, Livington, Scotland.  We've heard three of the quartet previously in their guise as alansmithee, but sometimes a change in perspective is needed, and so, with an additional member, they are Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas.  As for the genre, the lads call it "dreamslop".  You might call it a blend of dream pop and reverby lo-fi, played with a certain casual relaxed attitude, but dreamslop seems quite adequate and has the benefit of being a shiny new term.

Now for the songs in their debut record, Dreamslop EP.   The three tracks combine exactly the right elements of old and new, and massage my ears like the most skilled courtesan from ancient Rome (there is a bit of license here as even I am not old enough to have been of legal age in ancient Rome).  "Coming Back Down To Erf" begins with thumping percussion, then adds exuberant instrumentation and crooning vocals.  Does the reference to error function in the title have a connection with the repeated chorus?  I don't know or care -- it is a terrific song.  "Stinking Ship" has a sweetly voiced vocal over a shuffling, '60s flavored rhythm and sunny melody.  The final song, "Slackjaw (Sdfk)" is simultaneously wonderful and frustrating.  Wonderful, because it has the most appealing melody of the lot, and a cool vocal that sounds like lead singer for The Lettermen finally broke down and smoked some good weed.  Frustrating because it abruptly ends at the 1:43 mark, just as it was building.  Hey, Tropicanas, you owe me one half of a song!  The proceedings are all a bit woozy and deliberately damaged, but the frayed edges can't obscure that talent and quality.

We have the video for the lead track here, and a Soundcloud embed for the entire EP.  So dive in and enjoy the dreamy slop.  It is great stuff, and if moved to own it, hit the Bandcamp link.

The band is Andrew R. Burns, Joe Murty, Ruaridh Macpherson, and Joe White. They are releasing Dreamslop EP at the end of the month via Glasgow label Flowers In The Dustbin.

Bandcamp for EP
Flowers In The Dustbin

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