Sunday, May 17, 2015

Henry & Fleetwood - On the Forest Floor EP

It is a quiet and overcast Sunday afternoon here, and that calls for careful music selection.  Something that delights without needing the volume and pace presented by the soundtracks for my Friday night and Saturday.  Ah, here is just the thing, a little four-song EP titled On The Forest Floor from Scotland's Henry and Fleetwood.  The Scottish duo is comprised of Martin John Henry, singer and guitarist from De Rosa, and Gillian Fleetwood, harpist from State Broadcasters.  For this record, both Martin and Gillian sing.  Martin also plays bass and guitar, and Gillian provides harp and synth.

It seems to me that the focus of the band is creating atmospheric music comprised of textures of sound.  And their music has an impressive ability to evoke emotions from simple melodies and understated vocals.  If one were to compare it to paintings, this EP is more of a set of pastoral landscapes than portraits or urban scenes.  But they are richly colored and satisfyingly detailed.  One rarely knows what brings artists from different bands and genres together, but listeners can be very happy with this pleasing combination.

On the Forest Floor is out now via Olive Grove Records.  If it strikes your fancy, you can order the CD or buy the digital download at the Bandcamp link below.  Note that Henry & Fleetwood intend to release a full album in the future.

Bandcamp for EP
Olive Grove Records

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