Monday, February 9, 2015

Tuff Love - Dross EP

We here at WYMA hope the you all get the amount of love you deserve on Valentine's Day.  Of course, there are many types of love, and we won't assume to know what each of you want, much less deserve.  However, we have become quite fond of Tuff Love, and we strongly recommend a dose of it for the big day.  Some of you may wonder what a dose of tuff love consists of, and whether it hurts.  Have no fear -- we are a full service blog and are happy to tell you that the proper dose of Tuff Love is the five song Dross EP, and it is out today via Lost Map Records.  Oh, and it hurst so, so good.

The Glasgow duo  of Julie Eisenstein (guitar/vocals) and Suse Bear (bass/vocals) have featured here several times, including our coverage of their first EP (here) and the first couple of songs shared from this release.  But we have to say that they impress us more with each exposure.  The songwriting is more focused and the performances tighter.  Dross begins with standout cut "Slammer", a post punk rocker with a snaky rhythm and sugary vocals.  "That's Right" features rumbling guitar riffs and an urgent pace.  The vibe changes intriguingly with "Sebastian" and "Doberman".  The former is a delicate and quirky tune with more languid vocals.   "Doberman" is by turns moody and surging.  The closer "Cum" is jangling and dreamy, perfectly portraying Tuff Love's for making uncertainty, anxiety, regret, loss and misery sound sunny and beautiful.

Dross EP is available as a digital download or on vinyl from Lost Map Records.  And how romantic it is to buy your Valentine's Day record from a label begun in a caravan on a Scottish island.

Dross EP is available on February 9 as a digital download or vinyl from Lost Map Records

Lost Map Records order page

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