Thursday, February 12, 2015

Le Thug - Place Is EP

On Place Is EP, Glasgow-based trio Le Thug has concocted an exceedingly delicious stew.  Synths, guitars,drum machine and floating vocals combine to span shoegaze, dream pop and post punk in a captivating six-track soundscape.  Trading off the gut-punch of the rockier side of those genres for the more subtle juxtaposition of textures, the result is immediately gorgeous and immensely promising for the band's future.

The opening track, "Outer Herbidean", presents immediate, aggressive shogaze with distorted guitars and insistent beats and waves of synths.  The following "Pals" slows down proceedings and provides a delightfully rubbery beat to support the dreamy vocals.  "Basketball Land" understandably has been selected by the label (or band) to showcase the release.  Over a prominent martial beat and a gauzy backdrop Clio's vocals carry the listener away.  Every track on this release is appealing, stirring the listener with pulsing beats and enveloping the listener in swaths of noise.  I expect we are going to be treated to more thuggish delights in the future.

Le Thug is Dann McColgan (synths/samples/producer), Michael Gilfedder (guitar/vocals), and Clio Alexandra Maclellan (vocals). They previously released a split 12" on Song By Toad Records and a self-released EP on Bandcamp.  Place Is EP is out now as of February 16 on Edinburgh's Song By Toad Records.  Initially, it is available as a vinyl release with a digital download card.  I believe that the label intends to make it available for direct digital purchase soon.

Bandcamp for Ripping EP
Order page at Song By Toad Records
Song By Toad Records

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