Thursday, January 8, 2015


If the quality of album is determined by the number of plays you give it, and I think a credible argument can be made that it is so, this self-titled debut LP from the Melbourne garage rock trio ScotDrakula has earned a spot on my list of best albums.  I've never been concerned about whether august music critics (I don't know who there are, it is enough to know that I'm not invited to their monthly lunches) will regard an album as a worthy artistic achievement five years down the road.  For me, music is experienced viscerally and emotionally, and this album is a grade A infusion of adrenaline and youthful energy.

The songs spring from the mind of guitarist and provider of the appealingly on the edge lead vocals, Matt Neumann.  The songs are then fleshed out with the super-ace rhythm section of Dove Bailey (bass/keys/backing vocals) and Evianne Camille (drums/backing vocals).  The result is as if The Undertones merged with Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall, were sent back in a time machine and grew up in Australia.  And on top of the very well executed indie rock, the lyrics reveal Neumann to be an inventive songwriter who takes a kernel of an idea and runs it out in interesting and unexpected directions.  Here are a few favorites --

This is music that cleanses.  Not one of those icky sounding Gwyneth Paltrow type cleanses, of course.  ScotDrakula works by making you feel the way you do when you stumble down the basement steps in the party house on Friday night, drink beer, dance, pogo, sweat, burp, smooch, and scream.  You stagger home -- well, to someone's home -- and collapse.  The next morning you wake up a bit blurry, but still vibrating.  This music is cleansing because it strips away the niggling loose ends of stuff that bothered you yesterday, and just makes you feel alive.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if doctors prescribed at least one spin of this LP every day.  And rather than leave anything to chance, and since I did briefly consider medical school, I will prescribe it for you.  Head to Bandcamp and fill your prescription.  Unlimited refills.


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