Monday, January 26, 2015

"Say Yeah", a plea for a Glastonbury gig

Mann Friday is a London-based band comprise of musicians from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Italy.  Their decade on the scene has produced five studio albums and a number of fans of their Afro-folk-rock.  But their remaining dream is to play a stage at Glastonbury.  To that end, they have crafted this musical plea to the festival's organizer, Emily Eavis.  The simple and sincere request to Emily is to "say yeah", and book Mann Friday for the gig.

We here at WYMA aren't going to pretend that Emily's job is easy, or that she can or should give in to every request for a piece of the stage.  But we founded this blog to help promote the dreams of the artists that were reaching for a higher rung on the ladder.  We think that "Say Yeah" is a fine tune, so from the suburbs of Seattle on a Sunday night, we'll make a long distance pitch to Emily: Say Yeah.


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