Wednesday, January 14, 2015

East Brunswick All Girls Choir - Seven Drummers

Seven Drummers from East Brunswick All Girls Choir is a grand slam of 'under the radar': An album that received little fanfare outside of Australia from a Melbourne band most of you have never heard of released on the modest (but excellent) Milk Records.   Its eight tracks include chugging rockers, guitar pop, and even a bit of country. The songs are characterized by poetic writing, Marcus Hobbs' impassioned and soulful vocals, and, most of all, the twin guitar assault from Hobbes and Robert Wrigley.  And the guitars are wonderful -- loud, rumbling, distorted, pleading, droning, and cathartic.  You won't find Neil Young's name in the liner notes, but you can be excused for feeling his influence in the flow.  The performances are raw, sincere, and distinctively textured.  That the band isn't concerned with the radio friendly pop structure is delightfully evident as the songs unspool to reveal multiple jams and unexpected diversions.

I started this post months ago, and then moved on without finishing it.  When compiling my forthcoming year end list I realized that I'd hadn't published a post on this album, so here is one of the 2014 gems, presented for your ears in 2015.  Stream and buy the album at the Bandcamp link.

East Brunswick All Girls Choir is Marcus Hobbs, Rie Nakayama, Robert Wrigley and Jen Sholkis.  In their time as a band they have had seven drummers, hence the name of this album.  Apparently none of them have ever lived in East Brunswick.

The opening track, "West Brunswick" --

Mon Repos (Charlie's Jam) from East Brunswick All Girls Choir on Vimeo.

Milk Records

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