Monday, January 24, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland, Part 2: Kid Canaveral, The Cinnamons, We're Only Afraid of NYC

One of my favorite albums of 2010 was Shouting at Wildlife by Scotland's Kid Canaveral. The band has had little exposure here in the states, but this spring they are playing a few dates in New York, and then heading to Austin for SXSW. Try their album here, and if you like it, splash out some coin and help them get to Austin.

Here is a video for one of their songs, which tells a story about a music hipster getting shot down by a woman with different tastes:

Kid Canaveral's Bandcamp Page

Another Glasgow band I learned of last year is The Cinnamons. The music is pop/rock with a nice bass groove. And the band seems to take care with the lyrical content as well.

The Cinnamons at Bandcamp

And the third Glasgow band is We're Only Afraid of NYC. It is a young band with a big post-punk sound.

We're Only Afraid of NYC Bandcamp page (free download)

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Jim Desmond said...

Keep the Scottish stuff coming! Great finds here.
It's the new New Zealand.