Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you up for some Male Bonding?

Pointing out the excellence of this Brit trio is by no means revelatory. They're on Sub Pop, and their first album, "Nothing Hurts", came out way back in May of last year. Since then, every critic who took the half hour it takes to listen to it has called it one of the best of the year. It's not really groundbreakinig, and doesn't have pretensions to be. Just thirteen two minute bursts of really well-played, even melodic, punk music.

One of the many things this band has done right is make sure they have a freaking great drummer. Another thing they've done right is make sure the drummer is given a prominent seat at the table in the production of the record. The result is an album that sounds like three excellent musicians having a pretty awesome time.

If you don't have two minutes to watch this band, you need to rethink your priorities.

Here's a video for my first (but not current --which is the sign of a good record) favorite song on 'Nothing Hurts', called 'Weird Feelings'. Looks like they broke the Sub Pop video budget with this one.

Here's Male Bonding's myspace page.

Here's their band page on Sub Pop's site.

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