Saturday, January 22, 2011

Emerging Seattle Bands, Part 2: The Young Evils

The Young Evils appeared to go from O to 60mph in Seattle in 2010. The group was formed by Troy Nelson and Mackenzie Mercer, two employees of Easy Street Records, an excellent local indie record store. Troy also is a DJ at influential radio station KEXP. Other members are Cody Hurd and Barrett Jones, although ace timekeeper Mark Pickerel (Screaming Trees, Tripwires, Neko Case, Robyn Hitchcock, Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands) has often played drums for the band. The Young Evils played numerous gigs around town, including a coveted opening slot for venerated The Vaselines. Their sound ranges from cheery indie (with entertaining, sometimes off-kilter lyrics) and alt country style ballads. I believe they've scored a slot a SXSW in March. The Young Evils are unsigned, but they self-released "Enchanted Chapel" in 2010 and I recommend it. If you can't find a physical copy, I believe that it is available in an MP3 download from Amazon.

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