Friday, January 21, 2011

Bands You Should Have Known: Voom Blooms, Pela

I'm sure everyone who loves popular music was all-in for one or more artists that just never made it. Blame the fates, or poor music taste in the general public, but there you are--loving a band that doesn't continue to make music. Here are two recent bands I very much miss.

The Voom Blooms were a favorite of mine a few years ago. Well, as favorite as a band could be when I only had access to KEXP playing demos or cuts off of an LP that seemed impossible to get outside of the UK and, oddly enough, Japan. They disbanded a year or two ago, so I'm stuck with searching out these songs on You Tube every now and again to get my fix.

The other band is Pela. I learned of these guys at the same time I learned of The National, and probably from the same source -- local taste-makers at KEXP here in Seattle. While I like The National, Pela was by far my choice of the two.

While Pela has died, two of them live on under the name The Augustines.

Article about The Augustines

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