Friday, January 21, 2011

Emerging Pacific Northwest Bands: Seapony, Head and the Heart, Black Whales

Perhaps because the rain forces introspection (and refuge indoors), Seattle never seems short of musicians writing songs, forming bands, and trying to make it in the music world. From time to time, I'm going to highlight a few of those bands here. As I drove in to When You Motor Away's Seattle Headquarters complex this morning, in the rain, I decided that today was an appropriate day to begin.

First on my mental stage is Seapony. They showcase jangly guitars and female vocals. Musically it seems to camp with dream pop, C86, indie pop groups.

Seapony's Bandcamp Page

The second act is The Head and the Heart, an act that is rapidly growing more popular here. The sound is somewhat similar to the Avett Brothers, and more generally to a rootsy country rock approach that has been very popular in Seattle lately. If you browse their songs on the web, you'll note that they are somewhat adventuresome in their instumentation.

The Head and the Heart at Myspace

And in closing, The Black Whales. The Black Whales' sound ranges from power pop to a more country rock sound. I hope they break through, but they are unsigned at this point.

The Black Whales at Myspace


John Hyland said...

This is great, thanks Rock. I get a lot of new music from KEXP's various podcasts (and you) and am amazed at the quality and quantity of good bands that call Seattle home.

Jim Desmond said...

The Head and Heart were Weds night and sold out a decent sized club. Seems like they are doing pretty well. I like that CD, good songs.