Friday, October 21, 2022

Melby - Looks Like A Map


Looks Like A Map by Melby sounds like a triumph. We have been a fan of the Swedish band since we first heard their music, so it is no surprise that we like this new recording. But even as fans we did not anticipate the growth in songwriting and arrangement reflected on the album. They are creating with a broader spectrum and additional layers of sound and the production is excellent. And Matilda Wiezell remains one of our favorite vocalists in the indie scene. The year isn't finished, but we are certain that Looks Like A Map is a top 20 album for us.

Melby are Teo Jernkvist Zurcher (drums/percussion), David Jehrlander (bass/synths), Are Engen Steinsholm (guitar/synths), and Matilda Wiezell (vocals/guitar). Looks Like A Map is out today, October 21, via Rama Lama Records.




Bandcamp for album

Label page for album orders

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