Thursday, February 18, 2021

Guy Blakeslee - Postcards From The Edge


Channeling the emotions of change, loss, health issues, geographic dislocation and breakup, The Entrance Band guitarist Guy Blakeslee has created a powerful and affecting set of songs that deserve a high ranking in the American songwriter canon. Titled Postcards From The Edge, it consists of seven well-crafted songs featuring raw emotions, pointed and sometimes bittersweet observations, insistent questions and portraits of moments in time. The production is full, and at times, lush. The arrangements are unhurried, with the songwriter's plaintive vocals appropriately high in the mix. The instrumentation is varied, but Guy's piano features prominently. This is an album we had not anticipated, but it has become part of our lives and we find ourselves turning to it frequently.

Postcards From The Edge is out now via Guy's Entrance Records.

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