Sunday, December 9, 2018

Brace! Brace! - Brace! Brace!

Brace yourselves, because Brace! Brace! may challenge your assumptions about French pop music.  This Parisian four-piece bills themselves as shoegaze and dreampop, but our ears prompt us to consider them more punk pop/noise pop/experimental.  But regardless of the genre boxes you are tempted to check, their new self-titled album is a terrific listen.  Rhythmic, with a great sense of space and an appealing tendency to build tension over the course of a song, the music is reminds us of a more sonically adventurous Beat Happening, absent Calvin Johnson's baritone.  Get out of your groove and give Brace! Brace! a chance -- it may make your day.

We are advised that the members of the band are Thibault Picot, Cyril Angleys, Antoine Barbier, and Simon Lapillonne.  Brace! Brace! is out now as a digital release via Howlin' Banana Records.

Bandcamp for album

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