Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tora - Take A Rest

An album like Tora's new Take A Rest invites a music writer to engage in word association.  In my case, I close my eyes, open my ears and come up with dance, lush, layers, chill, R&B, pop, travel, dance, and sunshine.  And music like you find on Take A Rest invites the listener to follow the direction of the title, and hit the beach, the park, or even the back yard, and relax.  The band composed the songs on this album while touring the world in support of their previous EP, and their experiences and emotions are embodied in the album tracks.  Both the themes and the arrangements are varied, but the album provides a "letting go" soundtrack equally useful for a sunny afternoon or a late night.

Tora is Jo Loewenthal, Jai Piccone, Thorne Davis, and Shaun Johnston.  They are from seaside town Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia.  Take A Rest is out now via Lustre.


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