Friday, June 2, 2017

The Pure Conjecture - No Ghosts

It may be pure conjecture on my part, but No Ghosts may be the most subversive indie pop album of the year.  Why subversive?  Because in a music world increasingly bifurcated between manufactured and team-assembled pop on one hand, and scrappy DIY on the other (I'm ignoring classic rock reunion tours and reissues for all sorts of good reasons), The Pure Conjecture takes a highly eclectic band of indie musicians with impressive pedigrees at the scrappy or DIY side of the divide, and creates deliciously bright and smooth pop rock.  Up front rhythms, sweet soul vocals, soaring harmonies, sharp hooks and smooth melodies abound.  The production is warm and crisp, the arrangements full.  If you are looking for a summer album of Northern Soul, washed with sunshine and performed with a reverential nod to the art of Hall & Oates, this is your ticket for the next three months.  We have it on our mobiles, in our cars, and on the home stereo.  It is like the puppy that walks up to you and says "take me home and love me".   Yes, we will.

The band is founded around the songwriting duo of Matthew Eaton and Darren Moon.  They list their location in Cardiff, Wales, but the members come from various points in Wales, England and Scotland.  For this album, The Pure Conjecture are Matthew Eaton (vocals/guitar), Darren Moon (vocals/guitar), Matthew Twaites (synths), Rose Elinor Dougall (vocals/piano), Johny Lamb (horns), Marc Geatty (bass), and Joel Gibson (drums).  Additional contributors are Andrew Michell (lead vocals and co-writing credit on "Knock Four Times"), Ashley Mcavoy (backing vocals on "Not A Cloud In The Sky"), and Joe Harling (lead guitar on "No Ghosts").  No Ghosts, the band's third album, is out today via Glasgow's Armellodie Records.  See the Bandcamp link for details.

Bandcamp for No Ghosts

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