Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Hymn On The 45" b/w "Wanderlust" by Allo Darlin'

Not all good things last forever.  Recently, beloved Anglo/Aussie indie pop band Allo Darlin' announced that they were closing up shop.  But they are too nice to just drop the mic and leave the room without a kiss goodbye.  That kiss to their fans now is here via the single "Hymn On The 45" b/w "Wanderlust".  And as goodbye kisses go, this is the type to feature at the end of a grand scale romantic drama.  Or if you prefer to dwell in the more personal, the kiss from your year-long college sweetheart when separating for the summer, with warm, young-love memories and hopes for the future.

Allo Darlin' has always been adept at combining melancholy and sunshine, romanticism and steely realism, emotional weight and devil-may-care attitudes, a longing for home and wanderlust.  And this final record finds them in absolute top form doing what they do best.  As always, the tone and phrasing of Elizabeth Morris' vocals star, and on the A-track in particular Paul Rain's guitar work shines.  "Hymn On The 45" speaks to starting out in a new city, while "Wanderlust" addresses missing people and places while striking out for new adventures.  This is a perfect slice of indie pop to end the year and end the recording career of an excellent band, the appreciation of which will only grow over the coming years.  Are you ready for your goodbye kiss?

"Hymn On The 45" b/w "Wanderlust" is out now via Fortuna POP!  The gold 7" vinyl is only available at the few shows the band are playing in the UK, but the record is available in digital format via the Bandcamp link below.

Allo Darlin's members are, or were, Elizabeth Morris (guitar/ukulele), Paul Rain (guitar), Bill Bottlng (bass), and Michael Collins (drums).

Bandcamp for "Hymn On The 45" b/w "Wanderlust"

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