Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ablebody - Adult Contemporaries

Adult Contemporaries is the kid of intelligent, well crafted pop that deserves our appreciation.  The product of twin brothers Christoph and Anton Hochheim, working as Ablebody, it offers eleven shimmering songs with loads of hooks.  These songs are certified, Grade A sun-kissed and dreamy, with an underlying backbone of rhythms that likely will inspire to to take a drive by the beach or, failing that opportunity, dance around the family room.  No gimmicks, no frills, but plenty of well chosen detail.  You may detect similarities to the pop heyday of the '80s,  but while Brothers Hochheim retain the romanticism of that era, they have a modern take on the sound that seems more much more fresh and organic.  And by the way, Anton, some of that percussion reminds me of Steely Dan, and that's no bad thing at all.

Adult Contemporaries is out now via Lolipop Records in CD, vinyl and digital formats (cassettes are sold out).

Bandcamp for Adult Contemporaries
Lolipop Records

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