Monday, November 3, 2014

"In Thailand" from Kane Strang (free song)

The Temporary album from Fishrider Records that we featured in August introduced our readers to several Dunedin, New Zealand bands of which they may not have been familiar (as well as some we have been shamelessly promoting for some time).  One of the artists making his first appearance here is Kane Strang.  I think Kane's early recordings were solo efforts, but he is working with Richard Strang (bass) and Isaac Hickey (drums) to record his new album, which will be out on Fishrider in the new year.  Kane supplies vocals and guitar.

To my ears, "In Thailand" is a delicious pop song - bit of romance and a bit of reality, with an infectious melody and strong instrumental contributions from all parties.  You can download it for free, so there really isn't a hard decision here.

And here is a link to Kane's 2013 album, which can be downloaded for 'name your price'.

Fishrider Records

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