Tuesday, November 25, 2014

alansmithee, featuring Marklar - Checking Out

Four young men based in Livingston, Scotland comprise alansmithee, a band that has featured here several times.  It seems that they are still evolving, but their sweet spot is woozy, frayed pop with psychedelic leanings.  Depending on their muse of the moment, added ingredients may be blues, shoegaze or something else.  For their latest edition, the two-track Checking Out, the band teams up with Marklar for a delightfully foggy and layered psychedelic pop record.  The single was just released by Glasgow label Flowers In The Dustbin.  Tune in and drop out -- but hit the play button first.

alansmithee is Ryan Macpherson (bass), Andrew Burns (guitar/vocals), Ruaridh Macpherson (guitar/vocals), and Joe White (drums).

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