Thursday, April 20, 2017

Woods - Love Is Love

We've long been fans of the gentle and experimental psychedelic folk offered by New York's Woods.  With that as background, we have to say that Love Is Love is our favorite Woods album in some time.  The rhythms are pronounced, and the band has expanded its use of horns to good effect.  Normally, I wouldn't be enthusiastic about a ten minute instrumental in the middle of a thirty-three minute album, but that "Spring is in the Air" is and exception helps underscore our fascination with Love Is Love.  Departing from the psychedelic folk of its companion tracks, "Spring is in the Air" is a measured foray into synth, horn and percussion dub that I think would win approving nods from King Tubby or Lee Perry.

Most of the tracks are seemingly simple, but the consistent chord patterns, reverbed production and thoughtful atmospherics enhance the themes of the nature of love and the search for commonality.  Bristling with emotions ranging from disappointment and uncertainty to hope and optimism, the music is invariably bright and promising.  Born of the disappointments of the recent past, it directs our eyes toward the future.

Woods are Jeremy Earl (vocals/guitar/percussion), Jarvis Taveniere (bass/guitar), Aaron Neveu (drums/percussion), John Andrews (piano/organ/wurlitzer), Alec Spiegelman (sax/flute), and Cole Kamen-Green (trumpet).  Love Is Love is released via Woodsist as of April 21 for digital and May 19 for vinyl.

Bandcamp for Love Is Love
Woodsist page for Love Is Love


Thu-May-18     Los Angeles, CA @ The Teragram Ballroom
Fri-May-19       San Diego, CA @ The Casbah
Sat-May-20      Fresno, CA @ Strummer's
Sun-May-21     San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel
Wed-May-24    Vancouver, BC @ The Cobalt
Thu-May-25      Victoria, BC @ Copper Owl
Fri-May-26        Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern

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