Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Socks" by Mikey Young

I recently told a friend that one Mikey Young, of Melbourne, Australia, has had a greater involvement in music on this blog than anyone else in music.  My friend wondered how this is possible, given the blog is named after a song from the prolific Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices, is based in the US, and covers a large amount of music from the UK, Europe, and North America, in addition to music from Australasia.  I explained that the answer is that he not only plays in bands that attract our attention, such as Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Ooga Boogas and Total Control, but he has produced, mixed and/or mastered many albums that have featured on these pages.  And that conversation is quite a coincidence, because Mikey is releasing a solo synth pop album titled Your Move Vol. 1 in June via Moniker Records, and we have the first single here to stream.

By the way, Mikey's album is one of a series of synth pop albums by different artists that will be released by Moniker in the ensuing months.  The unusual name has an interesting explanation.  Each artist will make a move on a chess board when the artist's album is released.  Then Moniker will make a move, followed by the next artist, and so on.  There is no word on whether ESPN will cover the match.

Bandcamp for Your Move Vol. 1
Moniker Records

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